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Best Newborn Photography 2020


Anne Geddes rose to fame in the 1990’s with her naked newborns artfully posed in various different props from life sized pea pods to giant balls of wool. In the days before the current internet era and Instagram and Pinterest she sold millions of books and inspired a genartion of mostly female photographers to copy her style or influence their own unique style of newborn photography. 

It is now common/almost expected to have a date in the diary with a leading newborn photographer almost as soon as you announce your pregnancy!

Marie Myers a newborn photographer in Worcester says “most of our clients book at least 16 weeks in adavice to ensure they get their newborn photoshoot within the first two weeks of the baby’s due date”

With props becoming every more elaborate your newborn can be found sleeping in a star, dozing in a wooden bucket or asleep upon a milk churn. 

For this type of baby photoshoot its best to have them done when your baby is 5 to 10 days old, when their still-forming bones are most pliable for the posing.

Why is newborn photography so popular? 

The rise of the millennial generation and the influence of Instagram and sharing of your entire life and every life event on social media. It’s only logical that the generation that photographs their breakfast, luch and dinner and what they are wearing today would also choose to have professional photos of their newborn baby.

With filters for everything and the perfect world that seems to exist on social platforms it makes sens that a beautifully posed, lit and photoshopped photo of your newborn would be a much better to present image than a flaky skinned patchy coloured newborn taken with your iphone! 

Georgia Lemon a Newborn Photographer near Aberdeen says “the rise of Newborn photography has seen people travel for miles to ur studio in Aberdeenshire” 

Watching the instagram comments and likes come in at a tremendous rate gives millenials a warm fuzzy feeeling and validates that their newborn is just the most gorgeous and amazing baby anyone has ever seen.

Maternity photography 

Do I need a professional newborn photographer?

You may think you can do it yourself or uncle Bob has a great camera maybe he could take some pictures? professional newborn photography is an art and you need a serious amout of skill and patience to create those beautiful photos you have seen on Instagram of perfect babies in wonderful poses. An experienced Newborn photographer will have years of training and practice and will take great care of your baby as if it was their own. 



Newborn and family photography Glasgow

Roz Bonner of RB Photoworks is an excellent family photographer located in Bellshill near Glasgow. The photography studio at Bellshill has easy access to the motorway network with connections to Glasgow, East Kilbride and Edinburgh. With households visiting her from throughout the area the photography studio is occupied all year round and also as photographing kids, families and infants Roz is also keeping busy during these difficult times  with Doorstep graduation photography in Bellshill in addition to at Glasgow and Edinburgh she additionally offers Dog photography, Location photographs households and Outdoor headshots in addition to studio headshots for actors and models.