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Our good friends at Danish Apple Photography have recently relocated and are now in Luxembourg.

Now Wedding traditions in Luxembourg are a little different than in the UK so here are some of the things Danish Apple photography will be getting used to!

There is a goat at the wedding!

if the younger sibling is getting married first, the older sibling will receive a goat at the wedding. Nothing unusual there if you are from Luxembourg but if you have relocated from the UK its certainly a little different from British traditions!


Playing games on the Bride and Groom

The kinds of games that are played at Luxembourgish weddings are often very creative and elaborate.

Usually, the kinds of games are tailored to the newlywed’s interest.

Wedding photography in Luxembourg by is creative and individual and we can be flexible in our approach to your wedding day and you traditions to create a wonderful collection of wedding photographers for you to cherish and share with your family.

So if you are looking for a fantastic wedding photographer in Luxembourg who also travels to France, Belgium and German then take a look at their amazing work and get in touch with the team at